About Star Homz

You settle into your favourite couch with a mug of coffee and a book. You sift through the pages, your mind wandering through tales of hills and misty roads vanishing into the clouds, and then your eyes fall on the statue at the corner of the room. A quick glance on the floor rug fails to excite you either. Something is amiss. You think hard. Perhaps the décor in the house is in need of a complete makeover, and now is the time to do it.

Maybe, the cushions are not cushy enough, the beddings a bit jaded, the rugs dull and bland, and the miniature sculptures a bit dated. In short, the home is missing its spark and vibrancy. But, home décor is expensive! Besides, where does one get quality stuff at the right price, you ask yourself! Well, look no further. Here is Star Homz, with its range of beddings, cushions, floor cushions, bags and sculptures in a bouquet of designs, colours and blends of modern and vintage styles. Our home furnishings and décor manufacturing unit in Faridabad, Haryana specialises in a wide range of products made of reclaimed fabrics and other materials.

Sheena Oberoi, an alumnus of Chaumiere La Grande Academie, Paris and Ateliers De Sculpture, Paris, is the founder of Star Homz. She has more than two decades of experience in the field of design, painting and sculpture.

Our Design Philosophy-For You and Earth

They say, “Your home is your castle”. No matter how big or small, or, whether it has cracks and nooks, or, needs some work—your home is your personal space to unwind and relax. It doesn’t matter whether the house you stay in is your own or rented. It is your own space and you have the right to create the space that makes you feel happy and secure. Fashion is all about following the trend, and style is always a matter of personal choice.

At Star Homz, we do not believe in following trends, but rather on individual styles, and accordingly, advice and provide suggestions on creating beautiful homes according to individual tastes. Our advice: Create a home you love, by decorating it the way you like to, and with the things you want to have around you; make it your own, rather than a straight copy out of a magazine. Star Homz also understands that just as you take the utmost care of your home, we humans, too, should take the utmost care of our permanent home-planet Earth. Towards this, we, at Star Homz, use reclaimed fabrics and materials to create our wonderful designs. It’s our small contribution towards Mother Earth.

So, when you make a purchase from Star Homz, you are also adding your little effort towards a greener Earth.

About The Founder – Sheena Oberoi

Sheena Oberoi did her Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) from the Delhi College of Arts, New Delhi and her post graduation in art and sculpture from two world renowned academies in Paris, France. She was ranked 1st and was awarded the Outstanding Students Award in BFA.

  • 1994- Diploma in Fashion and Designing, YWCA, New Delhi
  • 1995-Diploma in Textile Designing, YWCA, New Delhi
  • 2009- Bachelor in Fine Arts, Delhi College of Arts, New Delhi
  • 2011- Intense Nude Art Training, Chaumiere La Grande Academie, Paris
  • 2011- Sculpture Training, Ateliers De Sculpture, Paul Flury, Montreuil- Paris
· Ranked 1st in BFA -2009.
· Awarded with an ‘Outstanding Students Award’ – BFA 2009

She has more than two decades of experience in the field of creativity and design, and has travelled to many places abroad to enrich her skills and experience as a designer, painter and a sculptor. It is this experience and knowledge of hers that finds its creativity through the rich designs and products she manufactures under her brand, Star Homz. An eternal optimist, she believes in her clients first understanding the products that best suit their home and lifestyle choices and then buy the same. That, she believes is the best way to spend money while ensuring that one doesn’t end up with unwanted stuff.